Common Mistakes Homeowners Make After Property Damage

When property damage strikes, the aftermath can feel overwhelming for homeowners. It’s a time fraught with decisions, actions, and emotions. Yet, amidst this chaos, it’s crucial to navigate with caution and awareness. Sarasohn & Company Public Insurance Adjusters highlights several common pitfalls homeowners fall into, potentially complicating their path to recovery. This guide aims to arm you with the knowledge to avoid these mistakes, ensuring a smoother claim process and optimal recovery.

Understanding Property Damage

Property damage can manifest in various forms – from natural disasters like hurricanes and floods to accidental occurrences such as fires and plumbing leaks. The initial steps you take can significantly influence the outcome of your insurance claim and the speed of your recovery. Ensuring the safety of all occupants is paramount, followed by securing your property from further damage and meticulously documenting all impacts.

Common Mistakes After Property Damage

Throwing Away Damaged Items Before Documentation

One of the most common errors is the premature disposal of damaged property before taking comprehensive photos and creating detailed inventories. This documentation serves as crucial evidence for your insurance claim, supporting your case for the full extent of the damage.

"Fire line do not cross" tape across a building with property damage.
Property damage of a commercial property.

Not Reporting Property Damage in Time

Similarly, a delay in reporting the damage to your insurance company can lead to complications or denials in your claim process. Most policies stipulate a specific timeframe for reporting; adhering to this requirement is essential for a smooth claim experience.

Failing to Review Insurance Coverage

Furthermore, many homeowners find themselves surprised by what their insurance policy covers (or doesn’t) only after damage occurs. Regularly reviewing your policy details can prepare you for potential gaps in coverage and allow you to make informed adjustments.

Neglecting to Take Preventative Measures for Future

Post-damage repairs provide a critical opportunity to implement preventative measures against future incidents. This proactive approach not only safeguards your property but can also positively affect your insurance premiums.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor for Repairs

The selection of a contractor for repairs is pivotal. A reputable contractor ensures quality repairs that comply with insurance company standards and local building codes. Seeking recommendations, verifying licenses and insurance, and reviewing past work can guide you to a trustworthy choice.

Overlooking the Need for a Public Insurance Adjuster

A public insurance adjuster, such as Sarasohn & Company, serves as your advocate, expertly navigating the claims process. Their involvement can lead to a more favorable claim settlement, ensuring you receive the compensation needed to fully address your damages.

Role of Sarasohn & Company Public Insurance Adjusters

Sarasohn & Company brings expertise and dedication to your side, offering guidance through the claims process and beyond. By identifying and helping you avoid common mistakes, they ensure your claim is positioned for success, advocating for your interests every step of the way.

Prevention and Preparation Tips

Beyond immediate recovery, homeowners can take steps to fortify their homes against future damages. Regular maintenance, updates to security and safety systems, and a thorough understanding of insurance coverages can enhance your preparedness for any eventuality.


Property damage is an unfortunate reality for many homeowners, but being well-informed and prepared can significantly ease the recovery process. By recognizing and avoiding common mistakes, you can navigate the claims process with confidence and achieve a successful outcome.

Have you recently experienced property damage and feel overwhelmed by the claims process? Or maybe you’re looking to prepare for the unforeseen with expert advice? Whatever your situation, Sarasohn & Company Public Insurance Adjusters are here to support you. With a track record of helping homeowners navigate the complexities of insurance claims and maximize their settlements, their team is ready to advocate for your best interests. Don’t navigate this challenging time alone—reach out to Sarasohn & Company today for a consultation and take the first step towards a secure recovery.

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