How Florida Insurance Execs Get Rich While Risking You

high payouts to florida insurance executives

CEO’s and Insurer Executives Rake in Millions, Leaving Policyholders Vulnerable To the policyholder, insurance is supposed to represent the last layer of defense against an outright loss. This safety net should, in essence provide the insured with peace of mind, knowing they are protected against financial ruin. Yet, in years past, we’ve seen many instances…

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Massachusetts Court: Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster

hiring a public insurance adjuster

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance Corroborates the Common Sense Reasons to Consider Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster The Massachusetts Division of Insurance recently communicated its recommendation to policyholders to hire a public insurance adjuster following a loss. This favorable recommendation came in spite of recent remarks from State of Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, who spoke…

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