Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Property Damage Claim

When filing a property damage claim, the path to receiving a fair settlement is fraught with potential pitfalls that can jeopardize your claim’s success. A public adjuster plays a critical role in navigating this complex process. They make sure that policyholders avoid common mistakes and maximize their settlement. Sarasohn and Company can offer invaluable assistance throughout this journey. Let’s explore some top mistakes to avoid in your property damage claim and how Sarasohn and Company can help steer clear of these common pitfalls.

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is not fully understanding their insurance coverage. Policies can be complex, and coverage can vary significantly. Without a clear understanding of your policy, you might miss out on certain benefits or file a claim for damages that are not covered.

How Sarasohn and Company Can Help: Public adjusters from Sarasohn and Company will review your policy in detail to ensure you are fully aware of your coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions. This knowledge is crucial for preparing a comprehensive claim that maximizes your settlement.

Proper documentation of the damage is essential for supporting your claim. Failure to take comprehensive photos, videos, and written accounts of the damage can weaken your position during the claims process.

How Sarasohn and Company Can Help: Our team of experts will help you document all damages thoroughly. They know exactly what insurers look for and can guide you in capturing the necessary evidence to support your claim.

Delaying the initiation of your claim can be detrimental. Insurance policies often require that claims be reported within a specific timeframe. Waiting too long to file can lead to your claim being denied.

How Sarasohn and Company Can Help: Sarasohn and Company understands the importance of timely action. They can help expedite the claims process by preparing and submitting your claim promptly, ensuring you meet all critical deadlines.

Property owners often do not possess the expertise to accurately assess the value of their damages. This lack of expertise can lead to accepting settlements that do not fully cover the cost of repairs or replacements.

How Sarasohn and Company Can Help: With a deep understanding of property valuations and repair costs, Sarasohn and Company can accurately estimate the true value of your damages. This ensures you do not settle for less than what is needed to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Insurance companies often offer settlements quickly to close claims. However, these initial offers may not fully reflect the true cost of your damages.

How Sarasohn and Company Can Help: Negotiation is a key strength of Sarasohn and Company. They will review any offers made by your insurance company and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive a fair and just settlement.

Many property owners attempt to handle their claims alone, not realizing the value that a public adjuster can bring to the process. This can result in missed opportunities to maximize their settlement.

How Sarasohn and Company Can Help: Sarasohn and Company provides expertise and resources that can significantly enhance the outcome of your claim. Their knowledge of insurance laws and policies, along with their negotiation skills, can be invaluable in securing the best possible settlement for you.

Stephen Sarasohn and sons at site of house fire

Avoiding these common pitfalls in your property damage claim can significantly impact the settlement you receive. With the assistance of Sarasohn and Company, you can navigate the claims process more effectively.

Our 99-year history is rooted in the belief that policyholders deserve a fair and just settlement. Whether you’re facing a residential, commercial, or catastrophic loss, our team is equipped to represent your interests with unmatched expertise and dedication. Contact us at (561) 368-5000 for more information.