5 Common Causes of House Fires

House fires are calamitous to residential neighborhoods, both in terms of the danger they pose to you and your family, and the significant threat to property. While flooding is more common after natural disasters, South Florida house fires often are isolated events as few parts of the state are directly impacted by massive encompassing forest fires. Without such easily detectable natural causes leading to house fires, a proper assessment from an experienced claims adjuster is that much more important. Despite their relative isolation, house fires are often more dangerous to both the individuals nearby and the property – posing threats to adjacent homes in ways burst pipes and faulty washers simply do not.  


Many house fires begin in the kitchen, where a myriad of issues can cause an unfortunate house fire. Whether it be leaving something in the oven, a pot on the stove, a faulty circuit, or something else altogether, there is nowhere more subject to an indoor fire than a home kitchen – where flammable goods, sources of heat, countertop outlets, and water sit in close quarters.


While we’re fortunate in Florida to rarely need our “heaters,” states to the north such as New – York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and more who Sarasohn & Co. diligently serve may see more house fires than in warmer months. Issues with heating equipment can begin at all phases of use – from improper installation to dust accumulation. Proper inspection, maintenance, and necessary upgrades are crucial ways to prevent heating related house fires.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment is generally safer than in years past thanks to surge protection technology both within home infrastructure and the devices we use ourselves. Unfortunately, modernity cannot account for every device you plug in, and its often the cables and not the devices that lead to electronics-related fires. Be sure not to overload outlets, use equipment as intended, and regularly inspect and replace old or faulty wires.


Through both decades of public outreach and the advent of e-cigarettes, cigarette use has declined substantially across America. Yet, cigarettes still possess one of the most dangerous combinations that may lead users to the unfortunate conflagration. Cigarettes combine both the danger of an open flame and the cathartic effect of nicotine to create a potentially devastating incident.

Golf Carts

This is one of the most common causes of house fires in South Florida, especially in the closest local areas we serve – Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and other nearby areas known for their affluence. Owners regularly leave their golf carts plugged in overnight, which often leads to fires starting in an external room (the garage) with a large source of flammable chemicals igniting at a time when homeowners are least aware.

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to house fires. Stay vigilant, follow safety rules, and protect your home and loved ones.