Sarasohn & Company: A Legacy of Excellence in Public Adjusting

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For nearly a century, the name Sarasohn has stood as a beacon of integrity and expertise in the realm of insurance adjusting. Established in Newark, NJ in 1924 by Emmanuel Sarasohn, Sarasohn & Company has evolved into a family-owned and operated business, now led by industry leader Stephen Sarasohn alongside his sons, Bernard and Nathan.…

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The Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Insurance Adjuster

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When your home or business experiences a substantial loss due to a natural disaster or other unplanned cause, your insurance company is already preparing to play both sides of your proverbial coin. While our goal as public adjusters is not to malign insurance companies, nor negatively influence your opinion towards your own, it’s crucial to…

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5 Common Causes of House Fires

the ruins of a burned wooden house

House fires are calamitous to residential neighborhoods, both in terms of the danger they pose to you and your family, and the significant threat to property. While flooding is more common after natural disasters, South Florida house fires often are isolated events as few parts of the state are directly impacted by massive encompassing forest…

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Why You Should Hire An Experienced Insurance Adjuster

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An insurance claim is of the most important and often frustrating experiences an adult can endure. It is the crucial process of claiming a loss and awaiting a fair payout. Insurance by nature is here to protect what is most important to us, and what is often most expensive – our health, our cars, our…

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How Florida Insurance Execs Get Rich While Risking You

high payouts to florida insurance executives

CEO’s and Insurer Executives Rake in Millions, Leaving Policyholders Vulnerable To the policyholder, insurance is supposed to represent the last layer of defense against an outright loss. This safety net should, in essence provide the insured with peace of mind, knowing they are protected against financial ruin. Yet, in years past, we’ve seen many instances…

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