The Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Insurance Adjuster

insurance adjuster at job site in white hardhat with clipboard

When your home or business experiences a substantial loss due to a natural disaster or other unplanned cause, your insurance company is already preparing to play both sides of your proverbial coin. While our goal as public adjusters is not to malign insurance companies, nor negatively influence your opinion towards your own, it’s crucial to understand the role your insurer plays during the claims process. The complexity and depth behind these processes are why many chose to hire an insurance adjuster. There are many reasons why, but this list is whittled down to five of the most prominent.

Experience and Expertise

The inner workings of the insurance industry are a complex web of risk management protocols and omnipotent financial assessments. Not only are the companies and their policies complicated and challenging to follow, they are governed by thousands of pages in regulations at the state and federal levels. Much like one hires an attorney to leverage their understanding and interpretation of litigious activity, public claims adjusters are there to wield their years of experience on your behalf.

Major Time Savings

No matter how you slice it, filing an insurance claim is a painstaking process full of paperwork, document sourcing, back and forth communications, and a whole lot of waiting. Outside of the numerous financial reasons to hire an insurance adjuster, it’s the logistical support that a public claims adjuster provides that cements their value. Having a public adjuster at your side is like having an advocate and concierge during one of the more challenging times in your life at a time when you need them most.

Maximize Your Settlement

A public claims adjuster’s primary goal is to maximize your settlement. Their eye for detail, understanding of insurance law, and years of experience working with and against insurance companies are a few of the reasons to hire an insurance adjuster. Oftentimes homeowners, especially those sustaining damage from a house fire, will neglect to take certain areas into account that could have enormous ramifications on your bottom line.

The Insurance Companies Already Have Them

Insurance companies are inbuilt with legions of private adjusters and specialist attorneys. Oftentimes, a single experienced public adjuster is all you need to stand tall in your own David & Goliath tale. Though the size of the challenge is apt for the metaphor, your odds of victory after hiring a public insurance adjuster are not. The size, scope, and salaries of the apparatus you are against do not determine your outcome. A single savvy local claims adjuster is all you should need to reach a more positive outcome.

Reduce Stress

Experiencing property damage can be an emotional and stressful time. These damages often include the loss of income or opportunity, the loss of home, and in some cases even the loss of life. Fighting against your insurer to reach an equitable outcome should not be something that stresses you while you work to rebuild what was destroyed. A public insurance adjuster ensure there is a bulwark of protection between you and your insurer, so this crucial process can be played out with the right representation and level-headedness.